Local Banks Module

Local Banks Module

The local banks module is a manual payment system for PeoplePerHour Clone Script where users are given the relevant information (provided by you) to pay you at a local bank, and then notify you of the payment so you can create their order.
A very useful module if you cannot or do not want to use paypal, payza or stripe.

A new payment option will appear.

new payment option
Buyer receives information to pay at their bank (set by the admin), along with a form to submit once the payment is made.

payment info
Submitted forms appear in the admin panel for you to approve.

submitted forms
You confirm on your own that you received the money in your bank account, then approve it to create the order.

Once the order is created, the buyer will be sent an e-mail with a link to the order.

Sellers can also request a withdrawal to a local bank (You will have to manually pay them using the info they send you.).

Settings page where sellers can set their withdrawal info

Your bank info



The local banks module can be seen on demo website: